Our History

Europcell GmbH was founded in Hanau, near Frankfurt, Germany in 1995 as an international sales company for forest products. 

The initial focus of our business was in Eastern Europe. In the course of further development we have continuously expanded our network of customers and suppliers. Today Europcell is active throughout Europe as well as in Asia, North Africa, North and South America.

Our product portfolio is growing continuously and includes not only paper pulp, pulp for fiber cement and viscose fiber production but also the entire range of papers, packaging papers, cardboard, graphic papers and specialty papers.

Two decades after its foundation, Europcell is still a dynamically growing, privately owned company with more than 80 employees. We move over 1,000,000 tons of forest products annually – as agent or trader according to the wishes and needs of our respective business partners.


1995 Foundation of Europcell GmbH by Sebastian Hetzmann, selling wood pulps within Europe1996 Establishment of Europcell Zellstoffhandels GmbH in Vienna / Austria1996 First sales in MENA region1997 First sales in CIS countries and Asia2001 Foundation of Germex GmbH, a Europcell group company specialized in synthetic fibres2004 First sales of wood pulp into the viscose fiber industry2006 Establishment of representative office in Qingdao / China2007 Start of business in South & Central America2008 Own representatives in Europe, Asia and the Americas2012 Foundation of Europcell Hongkong Ltd.2012 Establishment of Fiber Cement business unit2015 Opening of representative office in Guangzhou / China2016 Volume initially exceeds 750,000 mT per year2017 Foundation of Europcell Trading Guangzhou Limited / China2017 Start Tissue trading central Europe2018 Own representative in Ho-Chi-Minh-City / Vietnam2020 Growth of the viscose and polyester fiber business in Central Europe2020 Business volume exceeds 1 Mio tons per year for the first time2021 Acquisition of two pulp agencies in Europe2023 Opening of representative office in Shanghai / China


 Foundation of Europcell GmbH by Sebastian Hetzmann, selling wood pulps within Europe



Establishment of Europcell Zellstoffhandels GmbH in Vienna / Austria

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