Your training at Europcell

Your school-leaving certificate is within reach and you are looking for an exciting apprenticeship in a dynamic, international company where you will be part of the apprentice team? Then we are the right training company for you!

Every year, we go in search of new trainees in the fields of wholesale and international trade, as well as office management. The training usually starts in August – we usually publish the job advertisements one year before the training starts.

You should definitely bring the following to the table


A love of effective communication and dealing with people from different cultural backgrounds


Ability to work in a team, commitment and initiative


Curiosity and openness to new things

Enthusiasm for languages

Excellent knowledge of German and English.

Mary White

Chief Operating Officer

Ich habe mich für eine Ausbildung bei Europcell entschieden, weil...

Jacob Adams


2008 - 2010 durfte ich bei Europcell meine Ausbildung zum XY absolvieren, dabei durfte ich vieles lernen. Bis heute verstärke ich die Abteilung XY.

Ruby Turner

System Analyst
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