Wood Pulps – Paper and Viscose Grades

Europcell serves all the wood pulp needs for the paper and paper bord, hygiene, viscose fiber and chemical industry, supplying all types of wood pulps such as chemical, bleached and unbleached, long and short fibers, all kinds of ground wood pulps to the paper and food industry, as well as mechanical pulps to the textile and chemical industry.

Pulps and Products for the Cement Industry

Europcell’s comprehensive products for the cement industry include bleached and unbleached wood pulps, thermo-mechanical pulp, waste paper DKL and OCC, synthetic fibers, and additives such as micro silica.

Packaging Papers

Europcell covers all the paper needs of the packaging industry, such as white top kraft liners, white top test liners, kraft liners, waste based liners and fluting, semi-chemical fluting to your specifications.  We also supply all paper needs for the sack paper industry such as bleached and unbleached kraft papers, as well as recycled papers.

Graphical Papers

Europcell provides a wide range of graphical papers for printing, writing and special purposes. Varieties include all customary formats of wood-free papers, coated and uncoated papers, super calendared papers, newsprint, and specialties.

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